Apple harvest is in full swing and the crop is great!   These are the varieties that have been picked and are ready for purchase at our Farm Market:

     Early Fuji            Empire             Gala                Golden Delicious             Jonagold

Just like people, all apples have a personality of their own.

              Early Fuji


Very firm and unusually sweet. Red and green stripes. First discovered in Japan – a new favorite here.




McIntosh apple crossed with Red Delicious for unique taste. Crisp and excellent for snacks, desserts or salads.




Sweet and very flavorful with orange-striped skin and yellow flesh. A favorite for snacks and salads.


            Golden Delicious


Sweet and mellow. Excellent for snacking, salads and all cooking purposes.




Blend of tart Jonathon and sweet Golden Delicious. One of the world’s most preferred varieties for flavor.


For more information about Maryland apples, we invite you to view the Apple Promotion Board of Maryland website,




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